How does a Catholic, climate-denying Republican congressman deal with the Pope’s coming to Capitol Hill to talk about climate change? If he’s Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona, he writes a letter saying that he’s not going to attend. He also says that Pope Francis should instead talk about ISIS and persecuted Christians in the Middle […]

The news about pipelines, climate change, and energy policy has been surprisingly good lately. It’s got to make you wonder: are we winning? Have we turned the tide? We’re seeing a lot of minor victories that combine to make a powerful surge. Just this week, a Minnesota appellate court ruled that the Sandpiper pipeline proposed by […]

Not happy enough with polluting the Kalamazoo River, not satisfied using lackeys in the Wisconsin legislature to ram a tar sands pipeline down the people’s throats without guaranteed proper insurance… Now Enbridge wants to pick the pockets of Minnesota taxpayers. The Duluth News Tribune reports that the company is asking a tax court to relieve […]

The movement that spawned the Keystone XL opposition is not a one-trick pony. Often accused of hysterically claiming KXL will destroy the planet and stopping it is the only thing that will prevent global annihilation, (see, e.g., The Washington Post), they are a far more diverse and involved group than they’ve been given credit for. […]

We’re still more than four months away from the first votes being cast in the 2016 presidential race, but the spectacle is drawing media attention like a porchlight draws moths. The incendiary bombast of Trump, the increasing shrillness of Republican also-rans trying to out-Trump Trump, the caginess of Hillary Clinton to sidestep manufactured scandals, Sanders’s […]

You’ll remember a while back, we talked about what the Democratic candidates had to say about Keystone XL and climate change issues related to it, and we promised to turn the spotlight on Republican candidates’ views as well. I intended to get to that once the GOP field had settled down into a discrete group, […]

It’s getting a little crowded out here in the vanguard. Back in April, I read the tea leaves and chicken entrails and came to the most logical conclusion: President Obama will reject the Keystone XL pipeline. At the time, it seemed like kind of a big deal. The president had recently vetoed Congress’s effort to […]

There’s a lot of interesting news happening around Keystone XL, as backstage shenanigans and government double-speak were outed this past week. Mike DeSouza at Inside Climate News has a story about Evan Vokes, the TransCanada engineer-turned-whistleblower who outed the company for its many, many failings on pipeline safety and workmanship in Canada. DeSouza writes that TransCanada […]

The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission is beginning its second go-round on the Keystone XL permit this week. The years-long delay in getting the pipeline built and buried under environmentally sensitive and economically vital land– and over the most important freshwater aquifer in the  U.S.– made the previous permit lapse. So now TransCanada will have […]