The movement that spawned the Keystone XL opposition is not a one-trick pony. Often accused of hysterically claiming KXL will destroy the planet and stopping it is the only thing that will prevent global annihilation, (see, e.g., The Washington Post), they are a far more diverse and involved group than they’ve been given credit for.

And they are clearly not just focused on KXL. On Tuesday, they held a sit-in at Secretary of State John Kerry’s house, to bring attention to the fact that Enbridge, the company that gave use the Kalamazoo River spill, is trying to circumvent regulations that require presidential approval for a trans-border pipeline. Natasha Geiling at Think Progress does an excellent job of explaining the nefarious scheme to avoid environmental scrutinyand how the activists are working to stop it and other poorly thought out plans to move tar sands across the U.S.

Suffice to say, the movement is not about one pipeline, but it is about the future of the planet.