MRC celebrates exposing long-established fact; producer called claims “worst case scenarios,” ”not a prediction of what will happen”  Climate deniers have worked themselves into a self-congratulatory lather over a “Good Morning America” segment from 2008 that included some erroneous predictions about the consequences of climate change. The segment promoted a special ABC News program called “Earth […]

Funny how quiet pipeline supporters have become this week. You know, the ones who jump up and down, waving their arms every time an oil train derails or springs a leak. “Pipelines are safer than trains!” They yell it over and over, pushing for a “safe” alternative, crying crocodile tears for the people affected by […]

PipeLIE: JOBS. Approving the Keystone XL will create up to 120,000 jobs for Americans. No: Even the U.S. State Department concluded that only 3,900 short term jobs would be directly created during pipeline construction. Once the pipeline is built, the State Department estimated 35 permanent and 15 temporary jobs — 50 jobs total — are […]