TransCanada and Big Oil are upping their pipeline game with or without Keystone XL. That was the news out of Alberta last week. TransCanada is reportedly offering up more pipeline capacity in the original Keystone pipeline, the one that opened in 2010 (and leaked a dozen times in its first year of operation). While the pipes […]

Even as more than 10,000 demonstrators marched in Toronto for “Jobs, Justice, and Climate,” another report about the effect of the oil market glut shows how Canada’s reliance on tar sands exploitation makes it vulnerable to the economic whims of the global market. The demonstrators were led by Bill McKibben, the founder of, and activist […]

A study funded by the Department of Energy released today confirms what environmentalists have been saying for years: the fuels created from tar sands are much more hazardous and carbon-intensive than traditional petroleum-derived fuels. Researchers from Stanford University and University of California-Davis found that the emissions from tar sands fuel contained about 20 percent more […]

MRC celebrates exposing long-established fact; producer called claims “worst case scenarios,” ”not a prediction of what will happen”  Climate deniers have worked themselves into a self-congratulatory lather over a “Good Morning America” segment from 2008 that included some erroneous predictions about the consequences of climate change. The segment promoted a special ABC News program called “Earth […]