TransCanada and Big Oil are upping their pipeline game with or without Keystone XL. That was the news out of Alberta last week. TransCanada is reportedly offering up more pipeline capacity in the original Keystone pipeline, the one that opened in 2010 (and┬áleaked a dozen times in its first year of operation). While the pipes […]

Yesterday, news broke that the Wisconsin supreme court ordered a halt to the John Doe investigation into unlawful collusion between Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign staff and “independent” outside organizations, and further ordered destruction of all the evidence. The whole deal stinks to high heaven. The same groups that conspired to violate campaign finance laws on […]

Funny how quiet pipeline supporters have become this week. You know, the ones who jump up and down, waving their arms every time an oil train derails or springs a leak. “Pipelines are safer than trains!” They yell it over and over, pushing for a “safe” alternative, crying crocodile tears for the people affected by […]