Even as more than 10,000 demonstrators marched in Toronto for “Jobs, Justice, and Climate,” another report about the effect of the oil market glut shows how Canada’s reliance on tar sands exploitation makes it vulnerable┬áto the economic whims of the global market. The demonstrators were led by Bill McKibben, the founder of 350.org, and activist […]

Congratulations to pipeline warrior and friend of PipeLIES Exposed, Jane Kleeb. The director of Bold Nebraska– who has spent several years rallying landowners, farmers, ranchers, Native Americans, students, seniors, veterans, conservatives, progressives, and Nebraskans from every walk of life– is featured in the current issue of Omaha Magazine. The cover photo declares her “Nebraska’s Most […]

Unless you’re Canadian, or live in Canada, or for some mind-boggling reason follow Canadian politics from beyond its border, you’ve probably never heard of the NDP, the New Democratic Party. There’s no reason you should have. The left-liberal party– think more Elizabeth Warren than Chuck Schumer– is the Little Engine That Could of Canadian politics. […]