It’s getting a little crowded out here in the vanguard. Back in April, I read the tea leaves and chicken entrails and came to the most logical conclusion: President Obama will reject the Keystone XL pipeline. At the time, it seemed like kind of a big deal. The president had recently vetoed Congress’s effort to […]

Congratulations to pipeline warrior and friend of PipeLIES Exposed, Jane Kleeb. The director of Bold Nebraska– who has spent several years rallying landowners, farmers, ranchers, Native Americans, students, seniors, veterans, conservatives, progressives, and Nebraskans from every walk of life– is featured in the current issue of Omaha Magazine. The cover photo declares her “Nebraska’s Most […]

Funny how quiet pipeline supporters have become this week. You know, the ones who jump up and down, waving their arms every time an oil train derails or springs a leak. “Pipelines are safer than trains!” They yell it over and over, pushing for a “safe” alternative, crying crocodile tears for the people affected by […]